TUG Member Access

TUG member area: Access to articles in current issues of TUGboat and a few other parts of the tug.org web site is limited to TUG members. All TUGboat articles are made publicly available a year after the initial publication, and all older issues are available.

If any questions or problems, please contact memberaccess@tug.org or the TUG office.

If you are not a current TUG member, please consider joining TUG, and thank you.

If you are already a member and don't know your username/password (you should have received email, please check your filters), we're sorry for the trouble, and please contact us.

Each year we deactivate past members who, according to our records, did not renew a previous membership. If you have been wrongly included in this deactivation, our apologies, and please contact us to be reinstated.

Happy TeXing!


Online access to current TUGboat issues for non-members is delayed for up to one year after publication. The principal reason is to give members the additional benefit of early electronic access.

Non-members can, as always, buy the print journal through the TUG store, or, of course, join TUG (we hope you will) to receive all TUG membership benefits. Please help support TeX and TUG!

TUG's funding comes almost entirely from individual memberships. Thus we greatly appreciate new members, so that TUG's support for various TeX activities can continue, such as TeX Live, MacTeX, CTAN, TUGboat, TeX conferences, the TeX Development Fund, and more.

If any comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to email memberaccess@tug.org or the TUG board of directors.

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